Our Clients


A Farmer

“We used to grow more than we can sell and regrettably had to leave them rot. Luckily, now we can sell them out through SINO AGRI platform. After a year of hard work, we are finally paid off.” “SINO AGRI platform helps us purchase chemical fertilizers and pesticide in bulk of guaranteed quality and at much lower prices than last year.” “Corporate buyers used to request for a long credit period from us and we could only collect our payment the next year. Now with SINO AGRI, we could receive our payment in time and we no longer have to worry about our kids’ tuition fees this year.”

A Processing Factory Owner

“We used to have a dozen of purchasing agents to shop around for our supplies. But there was no way we could ensure good quality and uniform standards for all we bought. Inventory of material also ties up our fund. Now with SINO AGRI, we only need to place an order on the platform and the best seller will be matched. Better yet, based on the data of sales, we can make a timed quantitative supply so that we realize zero inventory and just-in-time delivery. As SINO AGRI speeds up sale for us and help us recover our money, we no longer had the shortage of fund arising from sourcing of material and production. ”

A distributor

“In the past we did not have sufficient and diverse sources of supplies to meet buyers’ demands of specific branded products and we lacked the bargaining power. Now the SINO AGRI platform not only helps us meet all the purchase demands, it also gives us access to the funding of our trading activities. This allows us to take our delivery nearby, conducts sampling and quality inspection, hooks us up with logistics agencies and ensures safety of our goods. These measures greatly reduce logistics costs. ”

A retailer

“My shop may be a small one but it is definitely an online celebrity shop in the eyes of my customers. Now all I have to do is stay indoors and place their orders with my shop on the SINO AGRI platform. Foods and ingredients of excellent quality and at favorable prices will be delivered right to their doorsteps. Now I can really focus on enhancing the quality of my products and services.”

A white-collar worker

“Now after a busy day of fast-paced work in the city, I can come back home and prepare a simple meal with fresh foods and ingredient delivered from SINO AGRI ---- that is really a joy of my life!.