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    The Best Sharing Platform for Sugar Industry

    In order to promote the development of China’s sugar industry and to create superior and effective services for its clients, SINO AGRI serves as a platform for sharing and integration of resources in the industry chain. Through cost reduction and efficiency improvement strategies, SINO AGRI promotes mutual benefits and creates win-win situations for both itself and its partners. SINOAGRI MSWEET results from the combination of two e-commerce platforms (www.gsmn.com.cn and www.sugarinfo.net) and under the leadership of SINOAGRI.
    SINOAGRI MSWEET concentrates on sugar spot circulation and whole-process management of the industry chain. Currently, 90% of industry users have become members of SINOAGRI MSWEET, with the amount of its spot circulation accounting for 30% of the total volume nationwide. SINOAGRI MSWEET serves as the center for resources allocation and benchmark for pricing in the industry. Through constant innovation in service models, this industry leader is extending its operations into both production and distribution channels in an effort to streamline and rationalize resource allocation in the sugar industry.

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    The Most Influential Interactive Cocoon and Silk Trading Platform in China

    Founded in April 2005, Guangxi Cocoon and Silk Trading Market Co,. Ltd. serves as a trading platform and provider of industry-chain services to domestic and overseas participants in cocoon and silk transaction. Through 13 years of phased development, this company has evolved into a one-station service platform featuring its “Silk Road” APP that provides a full set of services including information & consultation, financing, logistics, warehousing and exportation, promoting an integrated upgrade for the cocoon and silk industry.

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    Leading Interactive Service Platform for Wooden Board

    Founded in December 2013, Guangxi SINOAGRI EBOARD E-commerce Co., Ltd. serves as a trading platform and provider of supply-chain financial services to domestic and overseas stakeholders in wooden board transaction. "SINOAGRI E-BOARD" APP, presented under independent R&D, became the first multi-functional internet application system in the domestic wood board industry. Since its launch, this APP has been an effective facilitator for wooden board transaction and distribution, with an online transaction volume of CNY 3.8 billion in the past two years.

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    Professional Fruits Trading and Supply Chain Service Platform

    Founded in September 2013, SINOAGRI EGO Supply Chain Co., Ltd specializes in integrated online-and-offline transaction and supply chain services. With its warehousing management product “Full of Fruits” and supply-sale connection “Fruits of Happiness”, this platform materialized a pre-sale volume of apple at about 50,000 tons during the harvest season in 2017. With its ever-expanding reservoir of industry-chain data, SINOAGRI EGO will enable an accurate match between supply and demand, substantially facilitating fruit business.

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    An intelligent distribution platform that serves millions of restaurants with standard foods and ingredients

    Founded in December 2016, Shenzhen Haohuoji Technology Co., Ltd possesses abundant industry and supply chain resources accumulated over the past decades as well as an outstanding capability in integrating such resources. With the “Internet+ big data” technologies, Haohuoji has built up an intelligent system for supply-chain services that combines data, technologies, sourcing, warehousing, logistics and distribution in an effort to create maximum value for restaurants in their acquisition and distribution.

  • An E-commerce Platform that Features the Whole-process Cold Chain Service for Quality Home Life

    Founded in March 2011, EGU 365 is a one-station shopping platform offering a wide selection of fresh, organic and eco-friendly agricultural produce of superior quality that ensures your food safety and health. Today the platform works with over 200 partnership bases, third-party FQT labs and dual inspection agencies in launching such special services as group purchases, reliable delivery of healthy foods to your home, special orders and customized corporate coupons.

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    A Cross-border E-trade Platform Based in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

    Founded in December 2014, SINOAGRI V-BEST supply chain Co., Ltd (Shanghai) specializes in a wide array of services ranging from supply chain management, food circulation, business information consultation, enterprise management consultation, foodstuffs & edible agricultural products, metal goods, metal material, precious metal, raw material and finished products of textiles, machinery and accessories as well as the supply of office equipment. The service also includes transit trade, intra-regional B2B trading, trade agency services, electronic commerce, intra-regional warehousing and distribution, as well as import and export.

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    Integrated R&D and Service Platform in Agricultural Products Circulation

    SINOAGRI ESUN Information Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2000, possesses patented technologies in distributed computation, distributed storage, distributed communication, cloud computation, big data and block chain. Specializing in providing corporate clients with highly effective, reliable and user-friendly internet software development and statistical analysis solutions, SINOAGRI ESUN is working towards becoming a leading one-stop big data platform service provider and the guardian angel for profitable growth of its corporate clients based on cutting-edge technologies.
    Currently, SINOAGRI ESUN serves as the developer and operator of various agricultural products trading platforms and apps, as well as the provider of continuous iteration and other cutting-edge technological services.

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    Dehydrated Fruit & Vegetables Supply Chain Service Platform

    Founded in September 2018, NONG CHANG HUI has created a platform to trade dehydrated fruits & vegetables, condiments, and nuts. According to demands from upstream agricultural product processing companies and downstream purchasing managers, it offers a one-stop solution for matching transaction, logistics, supply chain financial service, and production & marketing guidance.

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    Commercial Factoring Platform

    YIAN FACTORING was set up in March 2018. It provides professional financial services covering accounts receivable financing, credit evaluation, accounts receivable management, and credit risk guarantees to create a healthy credit environment for the agricultural industry. It also helps customers address liquidity needs during corporate development, optimize operations funds, and explore core values, improving their core competitiveness.

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    ZhiFeng Logistics

    Fourth-party Logistics Technology Service Platform for Bulk Stock

    Zhifeng Logistics was founded in July 2018 as a bulk stock fourth-party logistics technology service platform based on various e-commerce platforms under SINOAGRI. It provides traders and logistics suppliers with a one-stop solution to facilitate transportation, transportation route design, logistics funds settlement, cost structure optimization, multimodal transportation, and system support. Value-added services such as supply chain financial services and warehousing services are also available.