Bigger Business,Less Efforts

SINO AGRI was officially founded in 2010 with an initial capital of CNY509 million.
Specializing in vertical B2B in agricultural products, we provide upstream and downstream producers, processors, suppliers and retailers (terminal dealers) with integrated services that encompass diverse modes of transaction, professional and timely information and consultation, third-party intelligent warehousing, multimodal transport logistics and distribution, customized supply chain financing and other technical supports. By constantly expanding our scope of products and services, we have been creating new values for our clients and materializing our vision for an industrial eco-system built upon win-win partnership.
In the future, we aim to grow our business by introducing a variety of new agricultural products in larger scale. With cutting-edge technologies and innovative business models, we are well on our way towards being a respectable and reliable enterprise that can help our clients seal bigger deals more easily.

NINE Years Of Growth And Change

In the past nine years of growth and innovation, we have established a sophisticated operation model for such products as sugar, cocoon and silk, fruits and wooden boards. Upholding the mission of "Bigger business, Less efforts ", we aim for in-depth integration of mature platform models and supply chain management experience with agricultural industry. Our intention is to create a brand new agricultural eco-system where professional and effective supply chain services will be readily available to all the upstream and downstream participants.

A Paradigm in E-agriculture

As a state high and new technology enterprise and benchmarking industrial internet company in China, we do business with such a philosophy---helping our clients make money and do business in an efficient and convenient way. In line with this goal, we have integrated available resources into our e-commerce platform to support agricultural production. With customers first as our objective, we stretch our business towards both upstream and downstream ends to connect the entire industrial chain. All these efforts contribute to cost-cutting and better resource allocation for the clients, which further pushes forward development of the agriculture industrial chain.