Products and Services

  • Trading Diversification

    Trading Diversification

    Through in-depth integration of resources available in different agriculture products, SINO AGRI has constructed various trading platforms in charge of different products and in line with specific standards. Specifically, SINO AGRI platform provides trading scenarios congruent with realistic demands of participants throughout the agricultural industry chain in support of various trading modes for a wide array of product lines in multiple markets. As a leading coordinator of superior resources both online and offline, SINO AGRI facilitates and streamlines the business process by eliminating redundancy in business transactions.

  • Finance Productization

    Finance Productization

    SINO AGRI is also a financial service platform linking such partners as banks, commercial factoring and insurance agencies. It has established a strong partnership with third-party trading platforms and logistics agencies to bridge the information gap among agricultural participants. Based on such partnership, SINO AGRI designs for the whole industry chain financial products that allow core corporations ready access to customize, efficient and safe supply chain financing products, which are flexible in maturity or credit periods. This financial service platform gives clients greater latitude to seize market opportunities while reducing pressure on their cash flow.

  • Logistics Visualization

    Logistics Visualization

    SINO AGRI has established a nationwide warehousing network comprising over 400 facilities managed through an intelligent warehousing and logistics system. This system visualizes the whole management process of inventory, warehouse integration and transportation route optimization. By upgrading its serviceability of standardized warehousing and logistics, SINO AGRI is transforming into a professional third-party logistics service provider. It achieves transparency in integrated data management for corporations throughout the value chain process and minimizes transaction costs involved in traditional transactions.

  • Information digitalization

    Information digitalization

    SINO AGRI coordinates with its ERP system, logistic management system and independently developed B2B E-commerce platform to process data in all scenarios for businesses, orders and commodities at every link of the industry chain. SINO AGRI establishes a big data center that supports operational analysis and decision-making for industry-chain-wide intelligent allocation and distribution of resources.